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Male European Bernese Mountain dogs

We currently have three main studs, Yswen (Slovakia), Daiko (Belgium), Dominique-Benoit (France)
. Daiko is from Belgium and is a Canadian Champion! Our male Bernese Mountain Dogs are all stunning, enormous berners with large heads, substantial bone and have very friendly, people loving personalities. They are what berners are suppose to look like. We only breed the best and our males are some of the best out there!
These boys both love to just relax and snuggle up with us and always love being in human company! They are amazing with all our family members!

All of our breeding dogs have been imported from Europe and carefully hand selected from the best bloodlines.

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Imported from France

I proudly welcome DOMINIQUE-BENOIT as my new stud. He is registered with the FCI in France and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). He is a very striking masculine male with very thick sturdy bone, and a powerful body with a sweet expression. His chest is deep and capacious and well sprung. His neck is strong and muscular. His top line is level from the withers to the croup. His back is broad and firm. His expression is intelligent, gentle and animated. His temperament is good natured, alert and very self-confident. His profile is a beautiful picture of strength and harmony. I imported him from France and I am very grateful to be able to present Dominique-Benoit to Canada. He comes from THE BEST FRENCH WINNING KENNEL IN 2006,2007 and 2008. HIS FATHER IS A FRENCH CHAMPION!. There are many champions in his background. Lines in his background include CHAMPION Zeus Von Pralend, Darus Van't Rijkenspark, his grandfather - CH Twinny was CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL DE BEAUTE AND CHAMPION DE FRAMCE DE CONFORMITE AU STANDARD. His grandmother
Thank you France!

Male Bernese Mountain Dog

Health Clearances
CKC Registration   FCI Export Pedigree France   Preliminary OFA heart

Preliminary OFA patella      Preliminary OFa hips

Click the link below to Dominiques DNA profile with the American Kennel Club





Yswen -retired

Imported from Slovakia

bernese mountain dogs

Let me first introduce you to Yswen. In the picture he was only 11 months and weighed 120lbs already. He was imported from Slovakia from a highly recommended kennel!

He just passed his OFA prelims for hips and elbows. His hips were rated excellent joint confirmation! It is very rare you find a Berner with hips this good. We own 2 berners with Excellent hips, Yswen and Whitney! Yswen is an absolutely amazing, strong boned, muscular, heavy built Bernese Mountain Dogs. He has very nice dark markings and very wonderful temperament. Yswens 5-generation pedigree is very impressive with ancestors free of elbow and hip dysplasia His ancestors also having CAC titles and CACIB titles. Meaning "certificat d 'Appitude au champion and International de Beaute". In short Yswen is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog and he is strong and agile has sturdily built limbs and is harmonious and well balanced. Yswens temperament is self-confident and good natured, Everything you would want in a Bernese mountain Dog just look at his pictures WOW


    CKC PAPERS   PEDIGREE    HIPS AND ELBOWS      Von Willebrand and Brucella

DNA PROFILE# V542131 Listed with the American Kennel Club



Daiko - retired

Imported from Belgium

Daiko bernese Mountain Dog

Meet Daiko. My daughter imported him and his sister from Belgium back in July 2004. He has passed all his health clearances and already produced many amazing pups !All his ancestors have been checked for hip and elbow many generations back. All his ancestors are rated "A or B". This is an excellent or good rating in OFA terms! All the ancestors elbows have been rated as normal! Daiko is also a Canadian champion! He became a champion in 3 weekends! The first weekend he won best of breed. The 2nd weekend he also won best of breed and the third weekend he won best of breed, best puppy in group and he 4th in the adult working group. He became a champion before his 1st B-day! As for temperament you have to meet him to actually know what I'm talking about he is the most amazing dog! His temperament, attitude and affection towards all humans is unbelievable. He is so smart and excels in his obedience class. He is big but has the kindest heart and is just a lovable bear. He is always looking to please us . I can't even describe in words how much I love this dog and how great he is!!!

Daiko's Champion Certificate!

daiko championship certificate bernese mountain dog champion

Health Clearances








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