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beautiful bernese mountain dog
bernese mountain dog, moose
Meet Moose, he is owned by Maria. He lives in Orchad Park New York. Maria writes "Moose is the most amazing boy, always happy and fun loving and SO handsome! Look at that face, we can't resist spoiling him. Moose has been through three basic dog training classes and will soon be learning how to pull a cart. We are so proud of our big boy and boy is he big weighing 85lbs at one year. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful dog and I am so glad when I was researching bernese breeders that I came across Sherry's site" If you want to email Maria you can contact her at

bernese mountain dog

Patricia and everyone at Swiss Ridge Kennels ... Thank you very much for providing us with a truly exceptional puppy, "Theo". Theo is of Veruschka and Daiko, born at the end of December in '07. He is about six and a half months old now and has come such a long way in such a short period of time. We can't believe how smart he is and how much he has learned in the 4 months we have had him! He is truly "one of us" and a wonderful addition to our family ... Aside from being extremely intelligent, Theo is strikingly handsome - almost everyone we encounter on our walks stops us and comments on how beautiful he is! They also can't believe he is just a puppy and only 6 months old - he has grown so much, so quickly - weighing about 65-70 pounds now. As for his markings, they are perfect! He looks a lot like Daiko ... He loves going to the park, climbing the nearby ski-hill, and is always instinctively "on guard" and letting us know of anything that seems suspicious around the house ... Again, Patricia, thanks for a wonderful dog and a great companion! I will keep in touch and provide updates as Theo continues to grow ... All the best!






male bernese mountain dog

bernese mountain dog at 10 weeks

This is Bart. He is owned by Chance. Chance says that "Bart is an angel, he loves everyone. He is fun yet relaxed."Chance has also set up a great site with pictures of Bart as he grows. Please click on the button below to be redirected to Bart's site. If you would like to email  Chance his email addres is
bernese mountain dog male, denverberense mountain dog male picture
Denver at 9 weeks
Denver at 6 months. He's going to be a big boy!
Meet  Denver. Jacenta drove all the way from P.E.I to pick up Denver. It was well worth the trip! Jacenta says" I just can't believe how much of a sooky suckup loving dog Denver is.........:) Whenever he wants attention he'll come and poke his nose under my arm (from behind), and pop his head up in my face or lye his head in my lap. It's pretty funny. I can't wait until the time in my life when I can have a hobby farm and maybe a whole bunch of berners!"
If you would like to email Jacenta her email address is
Bernese Mountain Dog, DavosBernese Mountain Dog Male Pictures
Meet Davos. He is Owned by Paul and Karen who live in Toronto. Davos is a puppy from Daiko and Keeper. Wow, look at how handsome he is. He definatly has his fathers good looks! Karen says " He has just been a treat! From the beginning he was house broken in about 1 week.. He went to puppy school and just excelled. We had him down to Ellicottville NY where he loved romping on the ski hills and down to Hilton head South Carolina where he loved the beach (not sure if he likes water yet though). He is so sweet and loveable; he is already such a great member of our family."
If you would like to email Karen and Paul their email address is

Bernese Mountain Dog breeders ontario canada

Meet Ginger. She is 9 months old in this picture. Gingers proud owners are Tiffany and Chris! Tiffany says" She is such a beautiful dog inside and out- I get compliments about her all the time! She gets along very well with my cat and is very gentle with children and loves everyone she meets. She is a very quiet and laid back dog and fits into our family very well. My father is not a dog person but Gin has converted him. He says that out of all the dogs he has met he has never met one with as amazing disposition as Ginger has. He loves her to!"

UPDATE Dec 2008

Ginger is four years old now and she is an incredibly beautiful girl with a beautiful soul too match. Her temperment is amazing - she is so loving and a real "people person". Gin and "her little brother", my 8 year old cat, are like two peas in a pod following my husband and I around the house. I am still constantly stopped during our walks by people commenting on her good looks and asking about the breed. Gin is an extremely healthy dog and in terrific shape - she is so strong! I would recommend Swiss Ridge Kennels over and over again because my entire experience with them was so friendly and professional and my Ginger is so wonderful, I couldn't ask for anything else. Please contact me if you have questions or want a reference:

bernese mountain dog in gardenMeet Gus. What a beautiful, photogenic puppy! He is owned by the McGinn family. He has settled in with his new family very well and has taken a liking to their garden. He loves to be outside. If you would like to email Jen her email address is
bernerThis is Kona!  He is owned by Lise.
Lise says " He is very friendly and social. He has become very popular in our neighborhood. Everyone knows him and can't get over how friendly he is. He is growing fast. He is 5 months old and weighs 55lbs. He is very intelligent and can do at least 10 different tricks. He loves all the attention he gets when we go for our daily walks."
If you would like to email Lise to ask her more about Kona her email address is
bernese mountain dog puppiesMemphis is owned by the Noziglia family. Jen says "I wanted to write you and thankyou for my wonderful dog born June 26th 2004, his parents are Beyonce and Riley. Memphis has been a wonderful dog and has made our family so happy. He is loving and affectionate and would sooner sit on me just to be that much closer to me. Memphis loves the long walks we take and he really enjoys playing in the snow. He has become the new baby in the house as we pamper him with all the luxuries any dog could possibly have. But I think what he likes the best is the T-Bone steak he gets once a week. Memphis is a great dog and I couldn't ask for a better dog. Thanks again for my baby, memphis." If you would like to email Jen to find out more about Memphis and her experince with me as a breeder her email address is



here is a Bernese mountain dog, hard at work! What is better than a wheel barrel? A wheel Barrel that comes when you call it, boy would that make yard work easy.bernese mountain dog cart


Hi Patricia:
I would be thrilled. I cannot wait to tell people how wonderful you are to deal with and how wonderfull all of your dogs are.
It was really an amazing experience. Not to mention very professional.
Baco is a wonderful complement to my family and is a lot of fun.
He is mischevious and his face tells the story.
I will keep you up-dated with pictures and hope to bring him by in the summer.
Patricia once again THANK-YOU !!!!

Tracey-Lynn Dephoure
Baco Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Bernese mountain dog puppy  
Bernese mountain dog pup

Thanks, Patricia, for a wonderful addition to our family, Anikka.  From the first time we met you we could tell you were very careful and thorough in the way you raise your puppies.  You welcomed us to come see all your animals and you were willing to take the time with us to answer our big list of questions.  I feel at ease knowing we can call you if we have questions of concerns.  We can already tell Anikka is going to be a wonderful family member.  We will keep you updated on her progress, as I know you love to hear how your puppies are doing.  Taboe, another wonderful dog we have thanks to you, is already a great sister for Anikka. Thanks very much.   

 Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bayles Family

You can also visit Karens charitibale website at: